Industry  Educators and school districts
Role  UX Researcher & Designer

The client is a leading provider of math curricula for grades 6-12. As the only UX Designer and Researcher, I partnered with the product manager and provided multiple deliverables on this part-time two-month project.

The Ask

The project goal was to improve the teachers’ user experience for this product so they better help students to achieve their goals.

By identifying and evaluating their competitors’ strategies to determine strengths and weaknesses, I helped the client to improve the user experience of their teacher’s toolkit. The outcome would be one of their solutions to differentiate themselves from the competitive education software industry.


There were different user groups for this product, including students, parents, teachers, and more.

Through in-depth competitive analysis of existing competitors, I researched their reporting capabilities in the student, teacher, and district leader levels and other key differentiators that side them apart. This analysis helped to determine where my client fit on the user experience between their data analytics capabilities and other cutting edge innovations/technologies. It was also very help to understand the users’ interactions and access with the tools impacted their user experience.

Competitive Analysis

Based on 90+ survey responses and 5 contextual interviews, I categorized 3 areas of improvement opportunities: system, content, and data visualization. From there, I synthesized my findings and identified pain-points and personas, I created a snapshot of the 3 different users journeys that captured critical opportunity areas.

Synethsis/Persona selection
Customer Journey Map


The final innovation strategies evolved from the intention of helping teachers to teach more effectively to two areas: dashboard and UI & content design. I suggested the changes through wireframe prototyping and data visualization to address the current gap.

Low-fi Wireframe
Dashboard Prototype