Audience // Skokie Public Library Staff
Role // Facilitator

Skokie Public Library promotes discovery, enrichment, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas through a broad spectrum of resources and experiences. I had the opportunity to facilitate a design thinking workshop during their monthly learning and development hour.

The Ask

Inspiration, empowerment, and engagement were the goals. The library was also interested in learning how design thinking would be a good fit with their strategic plan.


I led a mind-mapping exercise activity to unleash the library staff’s creativity, where they brainstormed the different ways in their planning and practice to providing user-centered experiences to their patrons.

The library staff was paired up with cross-functional teams to create innovative and bold ideas. With rounds of discussion and reflection, they learned more about each other’s business objectives and came up with ways to provide convenient, intuitive, and engaging services for their community.

In addition to the mind-mapping exercise, I also recommended the different design methodologies to help meet their strategic goals.

Using mind-maps to show the different user-centered ideas