Audience // Skokie Community
Role // Facilitator

Skokie Public Library promotes discovery, enrichment, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas through a broad spectrum of resources and experiences. I had the opportunity to facilitate an introductory design thinking workshop to the library patrons.


The workshop introduced the participants to the basic concepts of design thinking – inspiration, ideation, and prototyping.

During this two hour interactive exchange, I provided examples and common language to familiarize them with design principles. After learning about each step of the design thinking process, the participants had the opportunity to apply the knowledge to a design challenge.

Everyone was fully engaged.  Even though the design object was the same for everyone, they were amazed how the workshop unleashed their creative thinking and helped them to design a prototype that improves their users’ lives. They left with a better understanding of design thinking methodologies and felt more ready to solve problems with this process.