Users  Auto body shops and Insurers
Role  Product Designer

Allstate’s CompoZed Labs is a part of the technology department incorporating agile methodologies to improve Allstate’s product line. I was on the Virtual Assist app collaborating with a team of product manager, UX specialists, and developers.

The Process

Virtual Assist allows auto body shops instantly connect with a claims specialist via video chat. This mobile app reduces the claims process from weeks or days to hours.The goal was to provide input to complete design and interaction accessible and user-friendly for the customers and reduce claims processing time and cost for the business.

As a product designer, I managed the end-to-end user experience of mobile and web apps, anywhere from designing the interface and interaction to carrying out the usability testing process.Through affinity mapping and ideation sessions, our team helped prioritizing features that are most valuable to the users.

Sketching during ideation sessions
Conducting hallway testing before testing it with users
Conducting hallway testing before testing it with users
Allstate CompoZed Lab

I had the hands-on experience of establishing the entire usability process from recruiting, testing, and synthesizing the data. Three to five testings were scheduled weekly to ensured that the new iterations are useful to the users.

Using various UX skills such as user ideation sessions, prototyping/designing, and user testing, I drove continuous improvement to reduce claims processing time and prioritize the feature that provides the most user value.